Text from wooden sticks in Photoshop

Last week, I created a lesson for advanced Photoshop DJ Image Manip users.

Someone challenged me that a great designer is not only one who can create work using complex tools, for example, the Offset filter (the main tool with which the effect in the lesson is achieved), but one who can create a beautiful design. using simple commands and techniques. Challenge accepted!

This is a lesson similar to the other one I gave before – Groovy Typography, but this time I will not use any tricks or deeply hidden commands. Basically, it’s just a design idea that draws the eye. I will tell you how to turn your idea into reality using very simple methods.

Final result

Materials for the lesson:

I used for the lesson this wood texture. I made two selections.
Note: use the mode “Add to the selected area” if you use the selection tool and the mode “Add to the contour area” if you use shapes.

You can use any selection tools that are convenient for you. I used the tool Rounded Rectangle (Rounded Rectangle Tool) (U).
Note: mode – contours.

Next, turn the outline into a selection — right-clicking on the mouse button will cause a pop-up menu, where you have to select Create selection (Make selection).

Now, I just copied and pasted 2 selected areas on two different layers. I deleted the rest of the background, we no longer need it.
Note: You can simply hide the texture layer.

Let’s now stylize these pieces. I’m going to add layer styles to make wooden sticks look realistic. We will apply the effect to one of the sticks, and then simply copy the layer style and paste it onto the other. Very simple!

Drop Shadow (Shadow)

Some volume using Stamping (Bevel and Emboss).

Adjust the brightness a bit: Image> Correction> Brightness / Contrast (Image> Adjustments> Brightness / Contrast).

This is the result we got.
Note: do not forget to apply layer styles to the second stick.

In this part of the lesson we will copy and paste. I create the letter D from the word Designzzz. To do this, I make two copies of one stick and one copy of the other. See how to make the letter D using normal Free Transformation (Free Transform) (Ctrl +T).

Here is the letter E.

I missed part of the lesson on creating the remaining letters, because I think you understand the technology of creation, continue to make letters from sticks to create a word. Here is the final result.

Our effect is created, but it seems something is missing. Oh, that’s it, I know! There is nothing that sticks together. Let’s add screws!

I took the image of the screw, cut the screw from the background. Also added a small black line around the screw. To do this, you can create a circle and place it behind the screw, or you can add a Stroke layer style.

Now fix the sticks with screws!

For full completion, take the background, making the text effect more interesting. I am pleased to hear your opinion on the lesson and effect.

Final result

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