Text in chains

In this tutorial, we show how to draw text chained in Photoshop.

Materials for the lesson:

Step one.
First you need to create a new document size 300×300 px with black background.
Create a new layer “Text” and write something in it in large letters (Arial Black / 150pt / sharp /) in gray (# 575757).

Apply a layer style to the text. Bevel and Emboss (Embossed), using the parameters shown below.

Step 2.
Select all text (Ctrl + click on the text layer).

Squeeze selection by 8 pixels. Select> Modify> Contract, (Select> Modify> Squeeze), and then blend to 4 Select> Modify> Feather (Select> Modify> Feather).

Step 3.
Create a new layer, set the foreground color #F1F1F1, and background color979797.
Select the Gradient tool. , select “Linear gradient” in its parameters and drag it along the arrow as shown in the picture.

Step 4.
Select the text again and then expand the selection by 3 pixels. Select> Modify> Expand (Select> Modify> Expand).

Under the text layer, create a new layer and fill it with a dark gray color (#474747).

Step 5.
Now select the group on the layers panel and merge it into one layer. Layer> Merge layer set (Layers> Merge Group).

Step 6.
We are going to tilt the letters, so we need to divide the text into two parts.
First we rasterize the layer. Click on it with the right mouse button and select Rasterize layer (Rasterize layer).

Next, use the tool “Polygonal Lasso” to highlight one of the letters.
You can enlarge the image to make sure that the selection does not fit the letters.

Right click on the selection and select “New Layer via Cut” (Cut to a new layer) or menu Layer> New> Layer via Cut (Layer> New> Cut to New Layer).

Now we must have each letter in a separate layer. Select the layer with the letter “G” and rotate it 30 degrees counterclockwise Edit> Transform> Rotate (Edit> Transform> Rotate).

Step 7.
Now turn the “T” clockwise by 15 degrees.

Step 8.
Zoom to 400%, select dark gray (#595959) for foreground.

On top of the text layer, create a new layer in the temporary group. In this layer, draw a line as thick as a pixel using the tool Rectangular area.

Duplicate the layer, leaving between the lines an empty strip with a pixel thickness.

Step 9.
Fill the entire document with lines, then merge the temporary group into one layer.

Create a copy of the stripe layer and rotate it 90 degrees Edit> Transform> Rotate 90 CW (Edit> Transform> Rotate 90 Hour)

Step 10.
Combine the two layers with stripes. Select the layer with the letter “T” and reduce the selection by 11 pixels.
Use this selection to cut a piece from a layer with intersecting lines.

Do the same with “G”.
Remove the layer with the lines that remained after the cut. You should get this picture:

Step 11.
For a layer with stripes, change the overlay settings to Color burn (Blackout basics).

Step 12.
Let’s add some cogs now. Zoom to 500% and in the new layer draw light gray (#AEAEAE) a circle.

Then draw black and white lines in the center of the circle (use rectangular selections pixel thick).

Step 13.
Apply style “Drop Shadow” (Layer> Layer Style> Drop Shadow, Layer> Layer Style> Shadow) to the cog layer.

Multiply the cogs.

Step 14.
Now you need to create the first link from the chain.
Zoom to 700%, draw gray (#A0A0A0) oval in the new layer.

Using the rectangular selection, delete the right edge (see picture).

Step 15.
Do the same with the left and bottom edges.

Step 16.

Remove the top edge and select the resulting shape.

Step 17.
Reduce selection by 4 pixels. (Select> Modify> Contract, Allotment > Modification > Compress) and delete the selected area.

Step 18.
On the same layer as the oval, draw a rectangle. Then draw two more small rectangles below and above the big one.

On a new layer using the tool “Oval area” draw a circle.

Step 19.
Now apply the style Embossing (Layer> Layer Styles> Bevel and Emboss, Layer> Layer Style> Emboss) on the chain link and on the circle.

And Shadow style:

On top of the circle layer, create a new layer and draw a shape in it as in the image.

And apply the same style with the same settings as in the previous step.
Combine a new layer and a layer with a circle.

Step 20.
Reduce the image, the elements of the chain should look like in the picture.

Step 21
Zoom in to 200%, copy the chain link and place it over the right side of the “G”.
Turn it so that it points in the direction of the clearance.

Copy the link again. Place it below the first link and then tilt it even more.

Copy another link and use an eraser to make it look as if it passes under the text.

Step 22
Add fine chain detail to the right of the first link.

Now make a chain for “T”.

And just use the eraser to make it appear that the chain passes under the letter.

Step 23.
Add another chain segment on the left side of the “T”.

Since the chain will go beyond the text, you need to turn off the layer with the shadow.

Step 24
Add a chain segment that connects “T” and “G”.

And one more on the left side of the “G”.

Now make the part where the chains intersect, passing upwards from the text.

Step 25.
Now your picture should look like the one shown below.

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