Text of pebbles

This Photoshop tutorial is about creating another original text effect. In the end you get a text consisting of small pebbles.

Press key D, so that the colors are set as follows:

Create a new document with a black background.
Write your text in white letters on top. Try to use a large font.

After go to menu Filter-> Texturizer-> Stained Glass (Filter – Texture – Stained-glass window): (they will ask you if you want to rasterize the layer, say “YES”)

(Here the parameters depend on the size of your text)

Cell size (Cell size):12
Border thickness (Border thickness): eight
Light intensity (Light intensity): one

Go to menu Select-> Color Range (Highlight – Color range) and click on the white color on the image with the pipette to select all the white parts.

Now switch to the channels panel, create a new channel by clicking on this button below.
Fill the new channel with white color.

Click CTRL + D to deselect.

Apply filter Blur-> Gaussian Blur (Blur according to Gauss) with radius: 4.0

Go to menu Image-> Adjustment-> Levels (Image – Correction – Levels).

Move the sliders so that the image again takes clear edges.

Go back to the window with the layers. You can hide the layer with the original text image, since we will no longer work with it.

Select-> Load Selection (Selection – Download Selection).

Select channel Alpha 1 (this action will load the selection from the channel panel)

Next, create a new layer and fill the selection with gray.

Apply the following styles:


Inner shadow;


Color overlay

There you can set any color for your pebbles.

Black background color we needed to work. Now you can replace it with any other. The effect of this will only win!

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