Text on flag

In this lesson you will learn how to “stick” the flag image onto the text you need.
First you need to open the picture of the flag that you want to “paste” on the text.

Create a new document for this File > New (File> New) and set the height and width the same as our flag.
Click on the Horizontal Text Tool (T) and select the Verdana font, print “USA” on your canvas.

Open the picture and press Ctrl + A to select the entire picture and use Ctrl + C to copy it.
Click on the text layer while holding the Ctrl key to select all the text.

Now we are going to paste the flag image onto the USA text. To do this, click on Shift + CTRL + V, and the flag will appear in the text.
After we have pasted the flag on the text, press Ctrl + T, and you can move the flag around to fit it into the text as you want.

To add a stroke to our text, double-click on the flag layer and select the layer style. Stroke (stroke), set the parameters as in the picture below:

Add a shadow to our image. To do this, select the layer style Drop shadow (shadow). Set the parameters as in the picture below:

Your picture is ready. It should look like this:

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