Text on grass

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a translucent text using herbal texture and cloud brushes.
Here is a preview of the final result, which we should get at the end of the lesson:

For work you will need:

Let’s start!

Step 1. Create a new document with the size of 1000x600px with a white background. Create a new layer and call it “background texture”. On it we will create a texture using standard Photoshop brushes:

Change the size (size), pressure (flow) and opacity (mix), mix all three brushes to get the maximum result.

Step 2. If you are satisfied with the result, you can skip this step. If not, now we adjust the colors a little. Add two adjustment layers.
Curves (Curves)

Color Balance

Now create a new layer and call it “light.” Take brush white color from the standard set with low opacity and pressure. Draw light rays at the top of the document.

And we get the following result:

Step 3. Load in Photoshop Grass texture. Using Lasso Tool (Lasso) (L) with feather (feather) 20px, select the part of the texture, copy CTRL + C and paste CTRL + V on the main document, adjust the size and / or tilt (CTRL + T), if necessary.

Soft round Eraser (Eraser) (E) smoothly erase the edges of the grass:

Apply Filter – Sharpen – Smart Sharpen (Filter – Sharpness – Smart Sharpness) for a herbal texture:

Add three adjustment layers:


Vibrance (Resonance)

Curves (Curves)

For each layer, create a clipping mask (right-click on the layer, then Create Clipping Mask (Create clipping mask)).
We get:

Step 4. Now add the text. I used the font Myriad Pro. We write the first letter (the text layer must be above all previous layers):

Apply to this layer Blending options (Overlay Settings) Layer – Layer Style – Blending Options (Layer – Layer Style – Blending Options):

Drop Shadow (Shadow)

Inner Glow (Inner Glow)

Bevel and Emboss

Here is what we get after applying the Overlay Parameters:

We write the remaining letters (each on a separate layer), then right-click on the layer with the letter “S” and select Copy Layer Style (Copy layer style), then right-click on the remaining letters and Paste Layer Style (Paste layer style). We get the following result:

You can duplicate each layer to make the letters more contrasting:

Step 5. We’ve finished with the text, now add some light effects.
To begin, create a new layer “glow text” with Blending mode (Blend mode) Overlay (Overlap) above all previous layers. Take a soft round brush white with opacity (flow) and flow (pressure) about 50% and draw as shown below:

Create a new layer and use a dark brush with the same parameters to draw the shadows:

Create a new layer under the grass texture layer and draw the shadows:

Create two adjustment layers (without clipping mask):

Curves (Curves)

Step 6. The last thing we need to do is add clouds using the downloaded brush. Create a new layer above all the previous ones and draw:

Now again on a new layer with a soft round brush of white color we draw shining spots:

That’s all.
This is my final result. I also added a grunge texture to the grass layer and some abstract lines.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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