Text with a shabby wall effect

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will see how you can draw interesting text with the effect of a shabby wall in a few simple steps.

The final result can be seen below:

Write some word.
Font – arial black
The size – 120 point size and red color
Colour – # FF0000.

Rasterize the layer (right click on the layer with the text – select Rasterizelayer)
Apply filter Glass (Filter> Distort> Glassa) as shown below:

As you can see, this filter creates a distortion effect as if the text is painted on the wall.

For a more realistic look, we will add a shadow (drop shadow) and fill the texture (pattern overlaya) as shown below:

The author added a shadow so that the text is separated from the background and texture to create the illusion of an uneven wall surface.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial :)

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