In this rather simple Photoshop tutorial you will have a stunning text effect.

Start by creating a new document size 450 * 250 px.

Create a new layer and apply a gradient overlay.
Layer styles can be found under the button.

Arrange the colors in the same way as shown in the picture.
From left to right: # 020e60#fefefe# 020f5e# 020e60

Choose a tool and write your text right on top of the light line. Just do not take a thin font.

Apply the following styles to the text:

Drop shadow (Shadow):

Inner shadow (Inner shadow):

Inner glow (Internal glow):

Bevel and emboss (Volume):

Contour (Circuit):

Make sure you copied all the settings correctly.

Texture (texture) – you need to draw it yourself:

Gradient overlay (gradient overlay):

Colors for gradient:
# 000000# 909090# fdf7f9# a7a7a7# 787878#ffffff


Colors for gradient stroke:
# 535a60 #fefefe# 303435

This is the result at the moment.

Make a reflection of the text.

Duplicate the text layer and move it down.

Reduce the layer opacity to 40%, or even less.
Go to menu Edit >> Transform >> Flip vertical (Editing – Transformation – Flip Vertically)

This operation will look like this …

Let’s make the reflection uniform.

Switch to the quick mask mode, grab the gradient tool.
Set the gradient from black to transparent.
Spend a gradient from the place of contact of two words down to the end of the reflected text can be even slightly lower.

The bottom half of the text will soon leave you forever … Switch to normal mode. A selection will appear. Click Delete, to remove half the text.

To make the text take a stylish look, let’s add a few strazikov to it.

Find the brush “Crosshatch4” size 40px

Create a new layer and randomly put a few stars on the text, preferably in those places where the light gradient falls.

Add a Glow style to the strazikam with white color #FFFFFF.

Ta-dam! And here is the result!

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