The effect of mechanical text

Today we will learn to create a mechanical, or automated-looking, text effect.

Step 1. Create a document (Ctrl + N) size 800×500 pixels. and resolution 72 ppi, The background is white.
Choose a tool Horizontal type (horizontal font type), font, for example, Verdana 150pt, Colour the black and on a new layer (Shift + Ctrl + Alt + N) write the text:

Step 2. Using the tool Magic wand(Magic Wand), click with the mouse anywhere outside the text (to make a selection inside the letters “R”, “o”, “b”, hold down the key Shift + cry Magic wand inside the letters).

You have received a selection around the text. To select the text itself, you need to invert the selection. To do this, click Ctrl-Shift-I.

Step 3. Now go to the tab Select \ Modify \ Expand (Select> Modify> Expand), radius 2 px.

Step 4. Create a new layer (Shift + Ctrl + Alt + N) and name it “Robot Panels”
Fill the selection with gray using the tool Bucket (Fill) (G).

Step 5. Click on the layer with the left mouse button (LMB) twice, thereby invoking the window “Layer style“.
Inner shadow:


Step 6. Now activate the tool Eraser(Eraser Tool) brush size 8-9 px, hardness (Hardness) 100%. Start erasing sections to show the main text.
* so that the lines are smooth, we clamp Shift and erase the eraser.

Step 7. Now create a wire. Create a new layer (Shift + Ctrl + Alt + N) and name the “wire”.
Activate the tool Brush (Brush Tool), size -1 px, hardness (Hardness) 100%.
For a more precise setting, open the brush palette. Window – Brushes (Window – Brushes). Set the following settings:

Take the tool Pen(Pen Tool) on the panel Options turn on mode circuit, create a path for the wires.

Right-click on our path and select the command Stroke path (Circle the way). A window will appear Stroke patch (Circle path), select a brush as a stroke tool, click OK.

Step 8. Click on the “wire” layer with the LMB two times, thereby invoking the window “Layer style“.

Step 9. Finally, we will create green lighting effects. Create a new layer and name it “Lighting”. Choose a bright color for your lighting. The author chose a bright green.

Take the tool Pen (Pen Tool) on the panel Options turn on mode circuit, create a closed loop, right-click on the path and select To form a selected area and
fill the selection with a bright green color using the tool Bucket (Fill) (G) or Alt +Backspace.

Let’s applyLayer Styles:


You can now select a tool Brush(Brush Tool) and start drawing new areas to get this effect:

* paint with a brush new areas on the “lighting” layer, the layer style will be automatically copied to new areas, you can draw each area on a new layer, for this you pinch Alt ina layers panel drag layer style icon fx on a new layer.

Good luck!

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