The letter Q!

This lesson will help you to add to your text a magnificent effect of glassiness and transparency.

This effect assumes the use of multiple layer styles. In order to facilitate your task, at the end of the lesson there is a PSD file that can be downloaded and copied all layer styles to your document.

Step 1:

Create a beautiful background.

For our effect we will create a gradient consisting of three colors. From green it will smoothly flow into dark blue.

So, set the radial gradient in the settings .
Click on the gradient bar to set the following colors.

Color 1 – # 2e5b15
Color 2 – # 103533
Color 3 – # 090e13

The author set the center of the gradient in the lower right corner.
This is what the gradient will look like:

Step 2:

Now write your favorite letter. Here the color for the letter was used like this41a993.

Step 3:

After that, the author goes into the Layer Styles palette and adds many different styles. You can go on his way, or you can go down to the end of the lesson and download the PSD file.

There you need to go to the layer with the letter, right-click – select Copy layer style (Copy the layer style), then go to your letter and select the command Paste Layer Styles (Paste layer styles)

When you transfer layer styles, you can look at their settings, maybe you have a desire to edit something.
After that, reduce the Fill parameter to 20%.
This option will make the fill color transparent, but will not touch the applied layer styles.

Step 4:

As a result, you should have something like this:

Notice that the styles were chosen in such a way as to show that the light falls on the letter just below (where the green color of the gradient shines)

Step 5:

Now hold down the Ctrl key and click on the letter layer to load the selection. Create a new layer, set the gradient from white to transparent, and draw a gradient from the bottom diagonally (from the intended source).

And then change the blend mode to OverlayOverlap.

Step 6:

And again, load the selection around the letter (Ctrl + click on the layer). Create a new layer, add the same gradient from white to transparent, as shown in the image (from top to bottom)

Reduce opacity / opacity to 40%.

Step 7:

Now standing on the same layer, draw an oval selection and click Ctrl + Shift + I, to invert the selection. Click Delete to remove the part of the gradient that we added in the last step.

This dramatically breaks the white gradient and gives the letter a glass effect.

Step 8:

Now your letter should shine as if it had just been washed.

But you can add even more shine with tiny stars.
Such asterisks can be made as follows:

Find a tool Figures, in the same place you will see the polygon tool. Click on it, and then go down the arrow to set its parameters.

Tick ​​about Star/ Star and also set the value 99%

Now on a new layer, in white, add a few shining stars. It is best to place them on the brightest areas.

Step 9:

The finish! Here is a magnificent glass creation!

Here you can download the PSD file

See you at www.!

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