Torn text

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll draw the effect of torn text.

1. Write the text in any font.

2. Ctrl + click on the thumbnail of the layer to select it. Press Q to call the quick mask.
Then Filter> Distortion> Ocean Ripples (Filter – Distort – Ocean Ripple). Apply the parameters as shown below.

3. Press Q to cancel the quick mask.

4. Create a new layer and fill it with any color. Double-click on the layer thumbnail to open the style options window. Apply the following layer styles:

Inner shadow:

Texture Overlay:

You can use any pattern you like as a texture, in this case it is the most common notebook sheet.

5. Turn off the visibility of the previous text layer (or you can immediately remove it, we will not need it anymore).

6. Use the Lasso Tool To highlight parts of the text, try to do this unevenly in order to give a “torn” effect.

7. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + J, To transfer the selected parts to a new layer. Process the entire letter in the same way.

8. To enhance the effect, move all the layers a little to each other.

9. Now apply the following layer styles to each layer individually.


As a result, you get this text.

10. Merge all layers with torn pieces of text and apply the Stamping layer style to the finished layer:

Now the text looks like this:

11. Duplicate the layer. Remove layer style. Change the blending mode to “Line Dimmer”.

All is ready!

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