Transcendental text

In this lesson I will show you the process of creating a bright and unusual text against the sky, pierced by sunlight.

The technology for creating this lesson: layer styles, gradient fill, stamp, blur filters, as well as various text transformations and adjustments. It’s worth trying this simple enough lesson!

This is the final result:

So, let’s begin!

Step 1. Create a new document of 800px * 800px size. To fill use the tool Gradient fill tool (“Gradient”), to create uneven lighting, as shown below:

Step 2. Type some text on this layer. Place it like this:

Step 3. For the text layer, apply the following overlay settings:
Drop Shadow

Inner Shadow (“Inner Shadow”)

Inner Glow (“Inner Glow”)

Bevel and Emboss(“Stamping“)


Gradient overlay(“Overlaygradient“)

Stroke (“Stroke”)

The effect will look like this:

Step 4.Now you need to impose a sky texture. For this you can use, for example, this image.

Select the necessary part of the picture, copy and paste the fragment on the text, calling the new layer “Clouds“.
Using Eraser tool (“Eraser”) (this will require a large brush and strong softness, round; opacity and pressure of 60%) and gently erase the edges of the sky.

Step 5. Everything is also on the layer “Clouds” use the tool Clone stamp tool (“Stamp”) (using the same brush again as in step 4 for the eraser) to clone the sky across the text:

Then click Ctrl + M and set the following settings:

Select an overlay mode for this layer. “Overlay” (“Overlap”) and you get the following effect:

Step 6. Duplicate the “Clouds” layer and adjust the “Black-White …” adjustment ImageAdjustmentBlackandWhite (Image – Correction – Black and White):

Here you can add color depth and you will get this effect:

You can also copy this layer again to make the picture brighter.

Step 7. Rasterize the text and, merging all the layers created, deform the text so that it takes position, as shown below:

Now we add some light. Create a new layer and name it “Light” and select the rectangular area directly above the text. Fill it with white and apply the filter. fiber, FilterRederFiber (Filter – Rendering – Fibers).

Then deselect and apply the filter motion blur FilterBlurMotion blur (Filter – Blur – Blur in motion) with the following settings:

Then click Ctrl + L and do:

Make the light a little softer with gaussian blur, FilterBlurGaussian blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur):

After this eraser remove excess areas of light. Turn the light the way we need:

You can duplicate a layer several times to make the light brighter. Fully at your discretion!
In the end, you should have something like this:

I hope you enjoyed and learned something new from this lesson!

Good luck!

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