Transparent as a glass

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will learn to add transparent text to an image in several ways. The first technique is quick and easy. The second one is much more interesting, using layer styles, in addition we will look at the difference between the two layer parameters: Opacity and Fill.

This lesson combines two directions – the creation of a photo effect and a text effect.

Here is the image that will be used during the work:

But the result to which we will strive:

So, let’s begin!

Step 1: Add text to the image.

Take the tool , set the color to white, select the appropriate font and size. Next, write your text. It is logical to write something about diving, for example, “SCUBA DIVING”

Click on the check mark in the top bar when you finish writing the text:

Step 2: Change the size and position of the text using Free Transformation.

Click Ctrl + T , to trigger the Free Transform tool. Place the text as you like, resize if necessary (pull the knots of the frame). Hold down the “Shift” – then the transformation will take place without distortion.

Press Enter to apply the transform.

Now consider the easiest way to make the text transparent.

Step 3: Reduce the opacity of the text layer

The fastest way is to undoubtedly simply lower the opacity parameter of the text layer. If we look at the header of the layers palette, we will see the necessary parameter there. Click on the arrow and set the opacity level to 50%.

This is what happens:

You can independently adjust the transparency. The opacity parameter is about 30-50% will look good, but not perfect.

How to make the text crystal clear?

First, return the opacity to 100%.

Step 4: Reduce the “Fill” parameter to 0%

You probably noticed that under the parameter “Opacity” there is another one that is called “Fill”. If you now try to play with the slider of this parameter, the effect will be the same. What then is the difference? Now you yourself will understand everything!

Step 5: Add “Outer Glow” style

At the bottom of the layers palette, locate the button – click on it and see a list of styles you can add to the layer. Choose the style Outer Glow – External glow.

A dialog box appears where you can set your preferences.

And now if you look at your text, you will see that there is a slight glow. Click OK.

Now the most important moment!
Try to reduce transparency – everything slowly disappears. Bring back.
Now reduce the fill – only the text disappears, but the glow remains !!!
This is the secret of the “Fill” parameter – the layer becomes transparent, and its styles do not change.

The default setting in the style of the “Outer Glow” style is yellow. Let’s change this color to a more appropriate image. Click on the box with the color – get into the color palette:

Pipette click not on the palette, but right on the bright blue color in the photo:

As you can see the color of the glow has changed to the one you asked.

Now increase the opacity to 100%, further increase the size of the glow to 20 px:

Click OK. Here’s what happened at the moment:

Now it looks much more interesting than when we reduced the transparency. Right?
How else to use the technique to still highlight the text?

Step 6: Return the Fill parameter to “Fill” on 100%

Again your text will turn white:

Step 7: Change the blending mode for the text layer to “Overlay”

At the moment, the mode is set to normal, nothing much happens. Now select the “Overlay” mode from the list:

Look at the image again. The text as we wanted it to be transparent, but what rich colors have become under the text!

If it seems to you that the Overlap mode shows itself too brightly in your image, then try the “Soft Light” mode – Soft Light.

You can stop here, but let’s add another style.

Step 8: Add Inner Glow Style – Inner Glow

Choose “Inner Glow” from the list of styles, and then also as you did earlier, take the color directly from the photo, this time it is dark blue.

Make these settings: overlay mode – Multiply (Multiplication) opacity 40%, the size 18 px

Click OK and you can congratulate yourself! You coped with the task!

Here is the result:

See you at www.!

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