Under water

In this tutorial, I will show one of the ways to create underwater text.

Step 1. Open a new RGB document, for example, dimensions 300x300px or other size. Take advantage of Filter> Noise> AddNoise (“Filter – Noise – Add Noise”) with the following settings:

Step 2. Next step go Filter> Sketch> Chrome (“Filter – Sketch – Chrome”):

Step 3. It’s time to enter text. The author suggests white, although, in my opinion, this is not necessary.
The text can be stylized to your taste. Here was applied stroke(“Stroke”) and Bevel and Emboss(“Stamping“):

Step 4. Click CTRLE in order to combine both layers.
Now apply Filter> Stylize> Extrude (“Filter – Styling – Extrusion”) and enter the settings:

Step 5. Next we need the filter “Glass” Filter> Distort>Glass, effect created by which is similar to a water surface. Here you can experiment with the settings, or you can use these:

Here is what you should get:

Step 6. Now we just have to color our image. Click CTRL-U. Pick a color that resembles a navy blue:

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