Volume inscription from buildings

I recently went to the cinema to watch “The Beginning,” a new film by Christopher Nolan. I left the cinema completely amazed. This story is simply amazing, and the plot is confusing, especially at the end. However, I’m not going to talk about the film, I will tell you how it inspired me to try to do something in Photoshop. Then I saw the posters of the movie BOOM, that’s it, really cool effect.

In this lesson, I will show you how to create a poster like in the movie “The Beginning”. In a word, the inscription from buildings on the aerial photo of the city. To create this effect, we will use the new 3D tool in Photoshop CS 5 Repousse (relief) and aerial photography from Pixelcase (http://www.pixelcase.com.au/).

I hope you enjoy the lesson, and I strongly recommend to go to the cinema for this film, it’s fantastic … by the way, in the end, all this is just …

Step 1. Open Photoshop and create a new document. Fill the background with black.

Step 2. To create a poster I needed to find the right image. After a long search on photostocks, I did not find anything. So I wrote about this and I was soon given a link to Pixelacase. Pixelcase kept stunning aerial photos. So I sent them a letter asking us to use one of the images for this lesson. They were very kind and allowed me to do it.
Place the image in the document.

Step 3. Tool HorizontalTypeTool (T) (Text Tool) Add DREAM text using Futura Condensed font. I also adjusted the size of the word to fit the size of the buildings. Turn the text so that its direction matches the direction of the buildings in the photo.

Step 4. Highlight text and go through 3D> Repousse (3D> relief). Use default values, but change Depth (depth) to 2.4.

Step 5. Navigate Window> 3D (window> 3D) show 3D panels. Click on DREAM, and then select DREAM Extrusion material (material extrusion), change the extrusion material. We will use several windows for it. To do this, click on the small folder next to Diffuse color (color variation) and select New texture (new texture). Then click on the icon again and select edit structure to open it in a new document.

Step 6. I found this image of a building in Google images and placed the file in a texture. After that, I saved it and photoshop automatically updated the window design.

Step 7. Do the same for Bump with the same image, but increase the contrast and make it black and white. Save the changes and change the Bump value to 8.

Step 8. For both Difuse and Bump, click on the texture icon and select Texture Properties (texture properties). Use values ​​of 8 on the U scale and 2 on the V scale.

Step 9. Here is what you get:

Step 10. Duplicate the city layer and place it on top of the layers. Then select the word DREAM at the top of the 3D object and go to Layer> Layer Mask> Reveall Selection (layer> layer mask> show selected areas).

Step 11. Navigate Layer> Layer Style> Stroke (layer> layer style> stroke). Use these settings:

Step 12. Then select Inner glow (internal glow) and apply these settings:

Step 13. That’s what we did. However, the letters still do not look convincing.

Step 14. Select the city layer and go Layer> Layer Mask> Reveal All (layer> layer mask> show all). Then instrument Brush tool (B) (brush) with a hardness of 0, black paint over buildings under the word to make the word look like real buildings. You can also darken the edges.

Step 15. To make the effect more believable, go to the 3D panel and select Render settings and change Quality (quality) on Ray traced final. The process may take several minutes, it all depends on the power of the computer.

Step 16. Select a layer on top of all the others and then go Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Hue and Saturation (layer> new layer adjustments> hue and saturation). Tick ​​on Colorize (colorize) and apply these settings:

You can add another adjustment layer to increase the brightness and contrast, but you can also stop at the one already done. The method is quite simple and can be used on various images. If you have a photo with a higher resolution and closer to the roofs, you can work a little longer and make the caption even more real.

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