We break the text in Photoshop

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Step 1. Create a new document with a black background # 000000. Choosing a tool Text tool (Text) and select the appropriate font. In this case, I used the font. Myriadbold, with a size of 70 pt and took the white color #FFFFFF. I placed the text and rasterized the layer. To rasterize the text, make sure that your layer is selected, and then go Layer> Rasterize> Type (Layers – Rasterize – Text) – this will turn the text into a regular image that can be edited. We give the name layer Creative. We should have something like this:

Step 2. Choosing a tool Ren Tool (Pen) – select the top of the screen in the tool options – Outlines. Standing on a layer of Creative, tool Pen select the part of the letter C, when we close the area, press the mouse button and select Make selection (To form a selected area) with a feathering radius of 0. Next Edit> Cut (CTRL + X) (Editing – Cut) and go Edit> Paste (CTRL + V) (Edit – Paste) This action will paste the floor of the letter C into a new layer. Now choose the tool Move Tool (V) (Move) and place the floor of the letter C as convenient for us.



Step 3. Now we will perform actions on the letter R. To begin, duplicate the Creative layer Layer> Duplicate layer (Layers – Duplicate Layer). Create a new layer under the duplicate Creative and select the tool. Ren Tool (Pen). Now on this layer create a triangular selection above the letter R and fill it with black # 000000. You must be on a new layer that you created under the duplicate of Creative.

Go to the duplicate Creative layer and create clipping mask (CTRL + ALT + G). At first, we will not notice the changes, select the Move Tool (V) tool (Move) and move the duplicate of the Creative layer down a bit, and we will immediately see the effect of filling R.

Step 4. Now we will start the following letters. The same technique will affect the remaining characters. We need to be on the Creative layer. Next, take Pen tool (Pen), select the part of the letter that we wish to move. Cut it (CTRL + X) and paste (CTRL + V). Using the tool Move , move the part of the letter.

Comment. You can select parts of letters with other tools.
Translator’s Tip: Use the tool Polygonal Lasso . Here’s how it looked from me:

Step 5. Now that our word Creative has been completely “cut”, the time has come for the second word. Take the tool Text (Text) and write the word “Block” with the same font, color but 40 pt. Rasterize this layer Layer> Rasterize> Type (Layer – Rasterize – Text) or the like. Mouse button on the layer – Rasterize.
Now select the parts of the letters cut and paste and using displacement place them as we please. Here is the result:

Step 6.Well, now the last and most difficult part of the lesson.
Find the texture of concrete. Place our texture on top of all layers and set the blending mode for this layer. Darken (Blackout).
Also, you can optionally lower the opacity of the texture layer.

Step 7 .I know that the image does not look very attractive, but we will fix it. Go to the texture layer and select the tool. Burn tool (Blackout).
We set the range of average tones and exposure by 25-50%. Now darken the edges of the letters to give contrast:

Step 8. Now Layer>NewAdjustmentLayer>BrightnessandContrast (Layers – New Adjustment Layer – Brightness \ Contrast) Brightness +14 and Contrast +100.
This will give depth to letters, but not enough. Double click on any name of the layer with a part of the letter, in the layers palette, and the layer style window will open, add Drop shadow (Shadow). And set the following settings:

Click the right mouse button while standing on this layer and Copy layer style. Now select all the layers except the texture layer, the Creative layer, the Block layer and the layer with clipping mask. This can be done by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on the layer name in the layers palette. After clicking with the right mouse button on any of them and Paste layer style. These actions will add depth and variety to our letters.

Step 9. Create a new layer Layer>New>Layer (CTRL + SHIFT + N) (Layers – New – Layer) and fill it with black, set the blending mode Color dodge (Lighten the basics) and select the tool Brush Tool (Brush).

Use a fairly large, soft brush with bright colors, such as orange, green, blue, green. I used green and orange, let’s touch the edges of our letters. Now we will create another new layer and fill it with black as well, but we will set the blending mode for it Overlay (Overlap). We take a brush of white color and add light areas to the letters.

Step 10. The final step of our project will be the addition of broken glass. You can download it here. Set the blending mode for the image with glass Linear dodge (Linear light) and erase too much eraser . The lesson is over. I hope you smashed your Creative Block into smithereens =)

The result of the author of the lesson:

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