We do metal engraving in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create engraved metal text in Photoshop using layer styles as well as textures. You can create your own vintage metal plate in just a few simple steps. You can use any metal texture as well as any shape to create a metal plate at your discretion. You can even create a wooden plate by replacing the metal texture with a wooden one. Hope you enjoy this tutorial.

OK. Let’s get started!

Final result

Step 1

First, with the tool Rectangle (Rectangle Tool), create a rectangle shape. Next, add a metal texture at your discretion, placing this texture on top of a layer with a rectangle. It is best to use a metal texture with scratches, such as the texture I used in this tutorial. Right-click on the metal texture layer and in the window that appears, select the option Create clipping mask (Create clipping mask).

Step 2

Go back to the rectangle layer and add layer styles. Stamping (Bevel and Emboss) and Shadow (Drop Shadow) to create the effect of a metal plate.

Step 3

Next, add plain text or you can use something more complicated, such as a logo.

Step 4

Now, to create an engraved metallic effect for the text layer, we need to add some layer styles.

Shadow (Drop Shadow)

Internal shadow(Inner Shadow)

External glow(Outer Glow)

Color overlay (Color Overlay)

Step 5

If you did everything correctly, the engraved metal text should look like in the screenshot below:

Step 6

To make the old metal plate more interesting, you can add a frame, as shown in the screenshot below. You can use any form of frame at your discretion.

Step 7

Now go to the layer with the text, right-click on the layer with the text and in the window that appears, select the option Copy layer styles (Copy Layer Sty / lessons / les). Now, go back to the layer with the frame shape, also right-click on this layer and in the window that appears, select the option Paste layer styles (Paste Layer sty / lessons / les). Thus, you will not have to apply the same settings twice to create the desired effect. Or you can save this layer style and use it in your other projects as well.

Step 8

To add more parts, you can add bolts to the corners of the metal plate. To select bolts, you can use one of the selection tools of the Photoshop program. To the bolt layer, add a layer style. Shadow (Drop Shadow), and then several times duplicate the bolt layer by positioning the bolts, as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 9

If you want to add a vintage effect to a metal plate, you can add a rusty texture by changing the blending mode with a rust texture to Overlap (Overlay) or Multiplication (Multiply) depending on the texture. I used a rusty metal texture with a blend mode Darker (Darker Color).

Step 10

You can use retro logo as well as wood texture.

Final result

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