We write “happiness”

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to draw happiness!

Create a new document size 375 x 194
Take the tool – and fill the document with burgundy color 5b1039.

Then select the tool – Forms and draw a few flowers like that.

Color select 8e5a76. Name this layer “flowers” so that it is recognizable in the layers palette.

Now right-click on the “flowers” layer and select the command Blending options. Now we will add different styles to the layer.

Choose styles and set the settings as shown below. Do not click on “OK” until we ask you to.


External glow:

Internal luminescence:



Fill color:

Now click OK! That’s what you get.

Select tool text – and write something in your favorite font. Set a large size.

This red color is numbered f14d05

Now right click on the layer again – select the window for adding styles.

Apply the Stroke style

That’s what comes out of you!

Now duplicate the text layer and remove text styles from the new layer. To do this, just right-click on the layer and select the command “Clear layer style“(Remove layer style)

Standing on the same layer, open the window for adding styles.

Now we add a style – gradient fill.

And add a stroke:

Here is what will appear in front of you now:

Take the tool – Feather , set the color white and in shape mode draw approximately the same curve as shown below.

The final step is to reduce the transparency layer to a white curve. 22%

And here is the result!
We hope you enjoyed this Photoshop tutorial!

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