Wooden text

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create text with a tree effect.
We will use rounded rectangles, textures and layer styles. The lesson is very simple, so beginners can safely take up its implementation.


Step 1. Create a new document in Photoshop (CTRL + N).

Step 2. Double click on the background layer and click OK to unlock it. Then right-click on the layer and in the menu that appears, select Blending options (Overlay options). As you can see in the screenshot below, I applied a layer style. Gradient overlay (Gradient overlap) using a radial gradient from light gray to dark:

Step 3. Activate Rounded rectangle tool (Rounded rectangle) (U) with a radius of 40px (if necessary, you can increase this parameter) and draw a line. Color does not matter.

Step 4. Click the right mouse button on the layer with the figure and select Blending options (Overlay options). Using layer style Color overlay (Overlapping color) change the color to brown.

Then apply the layer style. Bevel Emboss (Chamfer and Emboss).

AND Drop shadow (Shadow).

Step 5. Press CTRL + T to activate Free transform (Free transform) and rotate the shape. Then click Enter, to apply the transformation.

Step 6. Import to Photoshop and drag the texture onto the working document. Wooden surface. Apply to her Free transform (Free Transform) (CTRL + T). As you can see in the screenshot below, I reduced the opacity of the texture in order to correctly correct its slope relative to the rectangle.

Step 7. Activate the texture layer. Holding the key CTRL, Click on the vector mask of the layer with a rectangular shape on the layers panel. Then click on the button Add a layer mask (Add layer mask) at the bottom of the layers panel (the layer with the texture must be active). The screenshots below will help you better understand this step.

Step 8. Because of the texture mapping, all the effects that we applied to the rectangle were hidden. To fix this, for the texture layer we change blending mode (overlay mode) on Soft light (Soft light). Apply filter Filter – Sharpen – Sharpen (Filter – Sharpness – Sharpness) to detail the texture of the tree.

Step 9. Repeat the whole process to create more similar rectangles for future text. For those boards that are on top, use a lighter brown color # d5864d.

Step 10. Open texture Wooden background in photoshop. Via Elliptical Marquee Tool (Oval selection) (M) create a selection around the screw.

Step 11. Copy (CTRL + C) and paste (CTRL + V) the selected area onto the working document and place it at the junction of the two plates.

Step 12. Press SHIFT + CTRL + U to discolor the screw. Then apply the layer style. Bevel Emboss (Chamfer and Emboss).

On this we dwell. Use this technique to create the rest of the text. Now you can create your own “wooden” text! Good luck!

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