Colorize the picture in Photoshop

Due to the fact that I began to receive a lot of requests to create a lesson after placing one of the images I painted, I still decided to tear off my fifth point and write one lesson! I was really flattered with so many requests, because I didn’t think that my coloring technique in Photoshop was so attractive, but I think it’s always interesting to see how other artists create their works … anyway, I hope you find this lesson interesting. .

My first step was drawing with a clear outline. I scanned the image I had with high resolution (pixel size 2389×3508), cleaned it up a bit, using the function Brightness / Contrast (Brightness/contrast), which you will find here: Image – Correction – Brightness / Contrast(ImageAdjustmentsBrightness/Contrast). Adjusting the position of the sliders of this function will make the dark areas darker and the bright ones brighter … Very useful for those who make sketches very messy, like me …

The next thing I did was create a new layer to apply the background color. Since my sketch is still on the bottom layer, I changed the settings (approx. Blend Mode (Blendingmode)) my new layer on Multiplication (Multiply), so I can still see it even after I fill it with the color I want.

I chose a dark purple color for the background and diluted it with a slightly light violet color below left, so I had fun with the lighting. After I ended up with a purple hodgepodge, I merged the layers by right-clicking on the top layer and selecting Drain (MergeDown). Now you should have one layer with which we will work (I am too simple to work with a large number of layers).

The next step was direct coloring! I sketched a very simple palette and started painting the main color with a regular brush (70% Opacity (Opacity) and 70% Stiffness (Flow)). It looks awful, but I promise it will be better!

At first I only work on the face, it’s just my favorite part (not counting the tummies). So, I select colors that I like and start working with shadows. In the end, I’m already starting to hate this process and get angry, so this drawing bothers me, and I go to play Mario Kart, play and turn into emo for a couple of days.

The next thing I did was add more shadows, adding darker colors and blending them. To mix colors in Photoshop, I just lower the level Opacity (Opacity) brush (brush) (in this case, the values ​​of 40% were used Opacity (opacity) and 50% stiffness (flow)). I also used pipette (eyedrop) to take a shadow color sample from the palette I created earlier (Alt hot key – hold it and click on the place you want to sample from).

Continuing to mix colors and shade, I added some more colors to my palette because they were too soft. I just mixed them in the coloring process. I paint over everything I did before, many times, then you will see.

My face was too dark, so I made it a little brighter, then using airbrush (airbrush) I added some reddish-pink tones to her lips and cheeks. The airbrush is very soft (softer than the usual drawing tool), which is why I like to use it when I need to do something light, like lips or rouge.

Airbrush is in tool settings (toolpresets) for an ordinary brush, as you can see in the image below.

I also gave a little color to my eyes and began to form and detail them … I reworked them a million times until I got what you see now.

I even more softened her face with an airbrush and added another funny purple glow. Zoomed out to make sure I liked everything about drawing a face … And I didn’t like it. Her eyes were too far apart, making her face look too wide. So I adjusted her eyes and finished work on them, adding highlights and more colors to them. I also straightened her lips, because her smile looked a bit tense.

After I finished everything (I’m tired of) working with her face, I started painting the remaining parts of her body, mixing different colors, as I had done before. The truth is now I take samples of the shadow already from the face, because I changed the colors in the process of drawing.

We set light and shadows to impart and preserve a believable light source.

After marking the base colors, I soften her skin and begin to add purple shadows again. For those who may have noticed my smiles above the purple lighting, I explain: this is because in reality I hate the color purple, but for some reason, I like them to color at the moment … Oh well, move on.

As soon as I finished working with her skin (I say “finished” at the moment, because I am tired of this drawing, but maybe I will come back and change something here, because in reality I am dissatisfied with the result), I begin to designate The main colors of her outerwear are hot pink! Yes! This is girlish!

I continued to paint her clothes on the same principle as the skin – denoting basic colors, and then softening them. I also decided to add purple highlights here, so I made them brighter. I also made the color of her lipstick brighter so that it would blend in better with the clothes, the same goes for the shadows. I really want this color to be pink!

After I added colors to her lipstick and shadows, I took a bright pink color with a light opacity (opacity) and painted them for them. Mix it well with the other flowers that were already present, then took the instrument. Dodge (Clarifier) with range (range)Sveta (highlights) and gave vibrations to the colors that make the lips and eyes attractive and shiny.

For a pearl necklace, I first chose the darkest color, then added highlights to it, using a brush to apply base highlights, then used the tool Clarifier (Dodge) in the last stage to make the pearls more brilliant. I also added a very light purple glow to the bottom of each pearl.

After I finished the work with the necklace, I began to work out the smallest details: the stone on her collar was painted with the same method as the pearls, the same was applied to the silver rim on the collar. For lace, I used a small brush with opacity (opacity) 80%.

It is also interesting to work with the piercing, there are no details on the main image, so I showed it here. It was painted the same way as the pearls – first dark colors, then glare added, I used a very small brush, since the piercing itself was tiny. I also added shadows for the piercing to shimmer, don’t forget about them !!

The last thing I had to do was to color my hair, I just hate to color it in Photoshop for some reason. It takes me so much time. Oh, in any case, I started by applying base colors, as I always like to do, but, of course, with my mind I understand that the hair texture is different, so I try to reproduce it as real hair would look like.

Then I fixed the base shadows and started smoothing them (this is the moment I hate in drawing the hair, it takes so long).

After her hair was smooth enough, I started to add highlights, for this I used a brush with opacity (opacity) 20%. Keeping in mind the position of the hair and their individual strands, I begin to lighten them. For the ears and the tail, I did the same, because her ears are like those of a cat, and the tail has the same texture. Since I used a smaller brush for my ears, they look more fluffy.

Added some bright highlights, and then purple lighting. I reduced the image to make sure everything was well drawn, and made sure that the wool was a bit smooth, which I wanted to do, so I add some more details to her top and skirt and draw attractive hairpins and elastic bands on her hair in order to make her prettier.

The last thing I did was correct some moments that still annoyed me (her hair and hands). I also added some sparkles to the background to fill it up a bit.

After adding small purple highlights, I finally completed my work! I liked the result more or less, perhaps because I liked all the girlish colors that I used in my work, in any case, I had to use the color magenta this time.

In any case, I hope this lesson gave you an idea how to paint in Photoshop! I can’t say exactly how much time this work took from me … I didn’t sit over it continuously, but I think somewhere around 4 hours …

Thank you for watching!
Lesson author: Yume

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