Create a drawing in the style of Pin-up in Photoshop

Stylish poster with the image of a semi-nude girl

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a cartoon pinup (approx. translator – pin-up ( pinup) this is a poster depicting a beautiful, sometimes even half-naked girl). We will go through all the steps to create such a poster, from the very beginning to the end. So let’s get started.

Take a look, for a start, at the final image:

Sometimes, before I start working in Photoshop, I prefer to take a piece of paper and draw a regular pencil sketch to see the overall composition. But you can immediately open a new 550-by-750-pixel document, pick up a brush, set the opacity to 50% and, using black, dream up a little how our heroine might look. The main thing is to choose the optimal correct posture and imagine how it will look like in the end. Do not think about the details yet, we will work them out later. Imagine that you are working on an illustration of a book, that’s all.

Now, from those few figures that you drew, choose the one with which you want to continue working. Open a new layer and name it “Sketch.”
For each new version of the image, I open a new layer. This is very convenient, since then you can always make all the necessary changes. The layer on which we will work now, I called
“Version 1”. If you are satisfied with the sketch that you have chosen, we will continue to work on the details.

Now let’s do the proportions. Again open the new layer and name it “Version 2”
First we will work on the girl’s hairstyle, and then we will take up arms in her hands. At first I even decided that it would be very cool to arm it with two pistols, but then for some reason I changed my mind. True, you can do it the way I intended at the beginning. The main thing is to draw all the details of the sketch well. Do not forget that in the end you should have something like an ink drawing.

Open the new layer again, name it “Version 3”. On this layer, I finished it with some details: eyes, belt, I also gave a more realistic look to the girl’s arms and made the hair more lush. Now we have the final version of the sketch.

Open a new layer and name it “Stroke”. To create the ink stroke effect, we’ll use PenTool (pen). To be honest, several years ago I was afraid to use the pen myself, because I did not know exactly how to work with it. And now – this is my favorite tool.
So take PenTool (pen) in mode Paths (circuit). Do not forget to check that you have activated the desired layer. Make a contour as shown in my picture and select the stroke function. Check the thickness of the stroke and pressure yourself, in the drop-down menu select the option brush.

Here is the final version of what should happen after the stroke. I deleted some of the details, but added realism to the girl’s hair and arms. Look at what happened with you, and try to achieve such a result that you like yourself.

Now it’s time to color our sketch. It will be quite easy. First, decide which colors you want to use. Name the new layer that needs to be opened, “Foundation” and place it at the very bottom of the layers palette. The only layers that we will add below will be the layers related to the background. So, in the end, the layers palette will look like this: background layers, the “Base” layer and the layers with it and the layers related to the sketch with the girl. Set a moderate gray background color. Using the fill (Fill) like that paint the image.

Now remember one rule: when you paint, it’s best to always make a soft transition from a dark color to a light one. To begin with, let’s open another layer on top of the “Base” layer. Call it “Shadows”. Look how I darkened the girl’s face, hands and belly. Choose a soft brush for this purpose, and, as necessary, change its transparency from 25 to 100%.

While drawing a sketch, you can use the tools Gradient (gradient) and Brush (brush). I also constantly changed the transparency and rigidity of the brush. And at the end, as I added a correction layer Hue/Saturation (Hue / Saturation) to further emphasize the resulting effect:

Now add lighting. Open another layer and name it “Light.” Place the layer above the “Shadows” layer. I used the same technique. Look at the light areas at my work and do it too. Pay special attention to the hair, they should look natural, and not a solid black cap:

Now we will create a layer called “Reflection of Light”. I decided that the light should fall on a girl from somewhere in the background. And since I have already chosen a rich pink color for the circle, which I will draw around the girl, which will be well combined with the color of her clothes, I just picked up a rather tough one. brush and outlined the places to be covered:

Now it remains to add small details and background. Go back to the layer we called “Stroke”. CRL + click to select the contents of the layer. Open a new layer and name it “Color stroke”. Then hide the “Stroke” layer and just draw the outline with the colors you need. After such a drawing, the image will be more voluminous and more similar to the usual drawing that artists perform on paper.

We are approaching the final. I want to get rid of the dull gray background and give it a more interesting look. I also decided to draw a circle around the girl. For the circle we will use Gradient (gradient) from dark to light. See how he looks at me.
And finally, the background itself. To begin with, I created a duplicate of my work (not much can happen), and then merged the layers with the base and the outlines together. Then, I selected the contents of the resulting layer and went to Select > Modify > Expand(select – modify – expand). Increase the number of pixels to 2. Make a fill on the new layer. When everything is ready, drag (Shift-click) the background into the original file: this is how it should turn out:

That’s all. Hope you learned something new. After all, even with just two tools, Pen and Brushes, You can create such interesting images as a stylish poster. See you!

Author: Ron Davey

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