Create a stylish poster in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to use a combination of brushes, images, etc. to create a trendy, modern poster.

To do the work you will need:

Step 1. Create a new document with a size of 1500 x 2000 px. Change the main color to light gray, the author used # e5e5e5. Next, go to Edit>Fill (Edit / Fill) and select the desired color, and the background will become light gray.

Step 2. Now copy the image with the skull to your document. Then reduce and move it until you achieve the result, as shown in the image below. Choose a tool Magic wand (magic wand tool) and change the tolerance to 40. Now click outside the skull, then click Delete (Delete), thereby getting rid of the white background in the picture with the skull. Do the same with other pieces of white background (inside the eyes and mouth, for example). Next, make sure you are on a skull layer, then click Shift +Ctrl +U, thereby discoloring it.

Step 3. Now find the new image (this time it will be the sword). Transfer it to your document, discolor in the same way as the skull, then scale and rotate the sword. Now magic wand (magic wand tool) remove the white background, this time tolerance 10. Then duplicate this layer (Ctrl +J) after we go to Edit>Transform>Flip-Horizontal (Edit / Transform – Flip Horizontal). Now move the duplicate layer so that the swords become X-shaped (as shown below).

Step 4. On the layers panel, holding Ctrl select both layers with the sword, then click Ctrl +E, to combine them. Now we need to make the layer with the swords be behind the layer with the skull, so on the layers panel just drag it below the layer with the skull. Also slightly increase the brightness of this layer through Image>Adjustments>Brightness /Contrast (Image / Correction-Brightness / Contrast) .

Step 5. Create a new layer between the skull layer and the sword layer. Then select the tool brush (brush tool) (choose a set of brushes – ornaments, the link to which was attached above). Choose black as the main color. Then apply brushes on your image (approximately as shown in the image below).

Step 6. Now reduce the transparency of this layer to 60%.

Step 7. Create a new layer below the swords layer. Then select the tool brush (brush tool) (with spray brushes, the link to which was laid out at the beginning of the lesson). Make sure that the base color is black, then add a large blot below the skull. Now reduce the transparency of this layer to 75%. You can also add small droplets-stains on the horns with a regular round brush, but this is not necessary.

Step 8. Choose a tool text (type tool). Then select some kind of inaccurate grunge font, and set the color to it the same as the main background of the work. Now just type your lettering text directly on the blob (adjust the size if necessary).

Step 9. Now that we’ve done the foreground, let’s work on the background. So, since previously we did not merge our layers, now we need to create a new group of layers (just click on the button that resembles the folder that is at the bottom of the layers panel). Place the folder directly above the background layer. Now we need to find the image of smoke (the one that the author used, you can take it in the archive). Paste it into your document and discolor it the same way you did with the skull. Scale and position the smoke as shown in the image below.

Step 10. Change blend mode this layer on multiplication (multiply). You may notice that on top of the edge of our smoke is a bit uneven, we have to get rid of them. To do this, you can use either the layer mask or the tool eraser (eraser tool).

The author advises to use a layer mask, but if it is too difficult for you, apply only an eraser. Click the layer mask button at the bottom of the layer group (circle inside the rectangle), then set black as the main color. Now take a soft round brush with a diameter of about 400 px and an opacity of 40%, and walk it on those parts of the smoke that you want to hide. You should have it as shown below.

Step 11. Now add some other blotches behind the skull. We do this on a new layer, which we place above the layer with smoke. Reduce its opacity to 70%.

Step 12. Now add some color to the skull. Create a new layer above all others and fill it with black. To do this, go to Edit> Fill (Editing-Fill). Now go to Filter>Render>Lens-Flare (Filter / Render / Glare), select a zoom lens of 50-300 mm, set the brightness to your liking and click OK. Layer transparency is reduced to 75%. Then place it so that the center of the flash is located just on the sockets of the skull.

Step 13. Modeblending change layer on lightening (screen). If you thought that the center of the glare is too bright, you can walk on it with a translucent eraser.

Step 14. We made the foreground almost completely gray, so it would do well to add some bright colors to the contrast. Create a new layer below the group of the background layer, then use any bright color you like as the main color. Select tool line (line shape tool) 20px wide, then draw a line at an angle of 45 °, while holding Shift. Repeat this step several times with different colors and widths, experiment.

There are many more things you could use here. For example, the author used vector white wings, a couple of gradients. Do not be afraid to experiment, so you can quickly learn something new. Good luck!

Author: Ross Aitken
Transfer: Anna Shalobalova
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