Digital collage is very simple!

Lviv collage artist Yana Raciborinskaya believes that the collage is pure improvisation. Moreover, it turned out that everyone could create their own collage, spending quite a bit of time on it.

For an example of digital collage, let’s take the topic “How I spent the summer” or “Memories of a vacation” relevant at any time of the year. Ah, vacation, vacation – how quickly it ends, especially when every day he is remembered with bright colors and unforgettable impressions! Let’s try to transfer all this to the computer screen. To do this, we need the program Adobe Photoshop (you can replace it with any similar product), a Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet and a little imagination.

First you need to find a photo – someone’s portrait, which will be the main character of the future collage. Best of all, of course, take your photo, but any other will do. You will also need a couple of textures that can be easily found on the Internet. When all the “ingredients” are found and put in one folder, you can start creating a collage.

In “Photoshop” we cut out our hero or heroine – with a stylus it is very easy to make, even with the help of a simple lasso. But if you own a Bézier machine, it’s better to take a tool Pen tool and clip the character of the vector curve exactly along the contour.

If the photo is black and white, some details can be painted: clothes, lips, etc. We fill the background with a uniform color.

We put the ground under the character: we take a prepared texture and paste it into the file on the layer below the character. In our example, the girl will rest in a chair on the sand.

Now we take the texture of water and again, using a tablet, we cut out waves (of arbitrary shape) in order to insert them into our collage later. I made two waves: one put in the foreground, and the second – in the back.

Now let’s take a brush with clouds (they can be downloaded for free from many websites), and with a couple of pen movements we will draw two or three clouds.

For more spectacular collage, add bright lines — standard Photoshop shapes will help you.

As an additional detail, I drew a small circle and cloned it. Thus, the retro style was even more pronounced in the collage, and the image acquired a complete look.

Never be afraid to experiment and add details. This is the main thing in collages: constant experiments and no rules. The result was this picture:

Pleasant memories of summer and inexhaustible imagination in the works!

Author: Wacom

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