Draw a monster in Photoshop

In this lesson, using the tablet, we will create a funny cartoon monster.

His name is Si Cepot. It is part of the Sudanese culture and will be made in the appropriate style. A sarong is tied on his chest, and Sudanese sarongs are usually decorated with square patterns.

Step 1: Sketch

Our first step is to create a lightweight sketch. Prepare paper and pencils, as the traditional method is always faster and more convenient. Even though graphic tablets are a terrific invention, they will never replace plain pencil and paper, I think so. We start with a rough outline outline. For thin lines, use a pencil HB (hard-soft).

Step 2

Add more details using a 2B pencil (double soft).

Step 3

We scan our sketch in very high resolution and open it in Photoshop. Click Command / Ctrl + L to open the dialog box. Levels (Levels) and increase the contrast of the pattern.

Step 4

Activate Brush tool (Brush) (B) and open the brushes panel (F5). Decrease Spacing (Interval) and activate Shape dynamic (Dynamics of form). Control (Control) set on Pen pressure (Pen pressure) so that the pressure of the brush depends on the pressure of the pen, with which we will draw on the tablet.

Step 5

Create a new layer. We give a sketch in order and stroke the outline with a brush.

Below you can see the effect of changing the line thickness, which we got due to the activation Shape dynamic (Dynamics of form).

Step 6: Sarong

To ensure that all layers are in order, it is desirable to group them. On the layers panel, create a new group and call it “sarong”. Starting from this step, draw each element on a new layer and place it in the appropriate group. For example, separately for the head, clothing, skin, etc.

Take Magic wand tool (Magic Wand) (W) and click on the white area inside the sarong. If extra areas have emerged, then there are gaps in the contour of the sarong, from which you first need to get rid of. If you cannot select the entire element at a time, hold down Shift and click on unmarked areas.

Step 7

Now we need to expand the selection to avoid gaps. Move on Select – Modify – Expand (Allocation – Modification – Expand). Enter a value of 1 px. Set the foreground color to #daccba.

Create a new layer and place it under the contour. Activate Paint bucket tool (Fill) (G) and click inside the selection to fill it with color.

Step 8

Activate Brush tool (Brush) (B). On the panel brushes reduce Hardness (Stiffness) and Size jitter (Oscillation size) to 0%.

Step 9

Draw a shadow in darker color. Do not worry if the result is too rough.

Step 10

Apply Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) to blur the shadow.

Step 11

Remove the extra shadow.

Step 12

Repeat the process to add more shadows.

Step 13

Now, to create a pattern on the sarong, draw the transverse stripes.

Step 14

Remove unnecessary.

Step 15

Now draw soft highlights.

Step 16

Using brush (B) black with maximum rigidity (100%), paint over the sarong to create a more saturated shadow. Decrease Opacity (Opacity) layer up to 10%.

Step 17

Draw a shadow under the head.

Step 18

We continue to add details, especially shadows and highlights. Shadow tool is perfect Burn tool (Dimmer) (O), and for highlights – Dodge tool (Clarifier) ​​(O).

Step 19

When finished, we can merge all the layers together. To do this, right-click on the group and select Merge group (Merge group). Photoshop runs faster with fewer layers.

Step 20: Bandana

Create a new layer under the contour and select the color # 885f37. To get clear and neat edges, paint over the bandana with a brush (B) with maximum rigidity.

Step 21

Lighter color draw pattern.

Step 22

Add a shadow and reduce its opacity.

Step 23

Add a softer shade using a brush (B) with a hardness of 0%.

Step 24: Sarong

In this step, we will start working on a sarong that is tied to a monster on the hips. Create a new layer under the contour. We use the same technique as with the first sarong. Create a selection and fill it with color.

Step 25

We draw stripes.

Step 26

Create a selection with Magic wand tool (Magic wand) (W). Invert it (Command / Ctrl + Shift + I) and delete the extra details of the pattern.

Step 27

We draw highlights and shadows.

Here is the current result.

Step 28: Leather

We use Magic wand tool (Magic wand) (W) to highlight the body. Fill the selection with the base skin color.

Step 29

In darker colors draw shadows. To get a realistic result, add more colors.

Below you can see in detail the shadows on the monster’s forearm.

Step 30

We continue to draw shadows on other parts of the body.

Step 31

If there is a shadow, it should glare. In this picture, the light source is at the top right of the character. We draw soft highlights on the skin using brush (B) with a stiffness of 0%.

Step 32

Let’s draw clearer highlights in order to give realism. Create a round selection and draw inside with a soft brush (B). Reduce the opacity of the layer and remove part of the flare that extends beyond the arm

Step 33

Using this technique, we continue to add more highlights.

Step 34: Texture on the skin

Now we need to add texture to the monster’s skin. Activate Brush tool (Brush) (B) and open the brushes panel (F5). Increase Spacing (Interval) and make sure that Shape dynamic (Dynamics of the form) is active.

Step 35

Draw chaotic points on the skin. Decrease Opacity (Opacity) brushes to get a translucent texture.

Step 36

Add more points to other parts of the body.

Here is the current result.

Step 37: Face

Select the face with Magic wand tool (Magic wand) (W). Click Command / Ctrl + H to hide the selection outline. It is still here, we just do not see it. So it will be more convenient to draw.

Step 38

We paint highlights on the outer edge of the head, and a shadow in the center.

Step 39

Select the vest and pants. Fill them with brown.

Step 40

On separate layers draw shadows and highlights. Remember to reduce the opacity of the shadow layer.

Step 41

We color bracelets, sandals and ornaments on clothes. Create a new layer on which we draw the shadows and highlights. Soft brush (B) add a slight glow on the bracelets.

Step 42: Teeth

Create a new layer and color the teeth.

Step 43: Eyes

Fill the eyes with color, then add shadows and highlights.

Step 44

Small brush (B) draw the glitter in the corner of the eye.

We finished drawing a monster.

Step 45

Hide the background by clicking on the eye icon next to its name. Create a new layer and place it at the very top of the layers panel.

Step 46

Hit Command / Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E to merge all visible pixels on a separate layer. After that we make the background visible again.

Step 47

Double click on the merged layer and apply Stroke (Stroke).

Step 48

As a result, a wide stroke appeared around the character.

For the background we create a light blue rectangle.

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