Learning to draw a rose in Photoshop

I will help you create a digital illustration of a rose from an outline. Starting from a simple sketch, turning it into a beautiful rose.
We will use different drawing techniques in Photoshop.
Paint and mix colors with the Spatter brush.
Work with layers to achieve the goal.
Follow with me step by step in the lesson and I will show you an amazing way to create a digital drawing.

Final result:

Step 1. Open a new document. Size: 800×600 px.
Background: White.
Picker color (color swatch): #FFFFF.
Resolution: 72

Step 2. We will work with multiple layers, draw outlines in separate layers, so we will create new layers every time we draw new lines. Let’s start.
Create new layer (Create a new layer). Call it “Petals 1” (Petals 1).
Use a hard 2 or 3px brush to draw outlines for the middle rose petals.
You can also use the drawing tool. Pencil ()B).
Use the same line size 2-3px.

Step 3. After you draw the outlines for the middle petals, create new layer (create a new layer). Call it “Petals 2” (Petals 2).
Use the same hard brush or pencil size 2-3 px to draw another 2 petals on the right side of the middle petals, which you drew earlier.
Allow the intersection of new lines with others.

Step 4. Continue drawing petals. This time we will add two more to the rose that we are painting.
Create new layer (Create a new layer) call it “Petals 3” (Petals 3).

Step 5. We continue to draw petals. New petals are shown in lines.
Create new layer Learning to draw a rose in Photoshop (Create a new layer) call it “Petals 4” (Petals 4).

Step 6. When you look at a rose, you will see that its petals are beautiful in shape and color. Edges are simple in curves and lines. This is what gives the rose a unique beauty in the garden.
Create new layer (Create a new layer) call it “Petals 5” (Petals 5).
We use separate layers to create the contours of the rose, because when we start coloring them, we will see that some of them have to overlap others. We can control the work with color to shape the rose.

Step 7. Plots filled with color show the result of our contour drawing. You do not need to add color to your work.
Create new layer (Create a new layer) call it “Petals 6” (Petals 6).
This time we will draw four large and two small petals.

Step 8. Same process as before.
Draw contours in empty space. Try to be careful when drawing outlines. This will help you at the end of your drawing a rose.
Create new layer (Create a new layer) call it “Petals 7” (Petals 7).

Step 9. The drawing of the outline of the rose is almost complete.
Draw the last three rose petals.
Create new layer (Create a new layer) call it “Petals 8” (Petals 8).

Step 10. Before you contours for roses. Do not drain the layers yet. Leave them as they are.

Step 11. Add color to the petals.
Here are some of the color swatches that we will use to color the middle rose petals.
You can get the color by clicking on the settings of black and white colors. When will open color picker (color palette), enter the number that was given to you, and you will get the colors that I used.
Before you is also a practical example of mixing colors, you can try it.
I used soft for drawing brush 21px with Opacity (Opacity) 50%, but sometimes you can use an even tougher brush of a larger size.
Mixing is done by tool Smudge (Ramazyvanie) (R) with Strenght (Intensity) 45-50%. (For smooth blending).

Step 12. Important! Read the information below to understand how to mix and how to use color swatches.

Step 13. This is what you should have at the moment.

Step 14. Create new layer (Create a new layer) over the layer “Petals 2” (Petals 2).
Use the same soft Spatter 21px brush to mix colors. Sometimes you can use a smaller brush for small areas.
Use soft brush 13px for drawing. Also use the colors shown on the image. This will be a repetitive process of coloring and mixing colors among themselves.

Step 15. Here is the result of mixing, which should happen at the moment.
Hide the “Petals 1” (Petals 1) and “Petals 2” layers (Petals 2) to leave the colored petals without contours. Save the layer as “Rose 2”.

Step 16. Open the layer “Petals 3” (Petals 3).
Color the petals. Create new layer (Create a new layer) name it “Rose 3” (Rose 3).
Use the same technique as before to blend and color the petals using the colors shown below.

Step 17. Median petals take shape. As you can see, now colors are starting to come to life. Make the “Petals 3” layer (Petals 3) invisible by turning off the eye to the left of the layer in the layers panel.
Name this layer “Rose 3” (Rose 3).

Step 18. Open the “Petals 4” layer (Petals 4). Paint a new layer, name it “Rose 4” (Rose 4). Try to mix the colors well.

Step 19. More progress is shown here. Layer the layer name “Rose 4” (Rose 4).

Step 20. Open the “Petals 5” layer (Petals 5). Create new layer (Create a new layer) call it “Rose 5” (Rose 5). Start filling out new petals with color. Save the colored layers with petals.

Step 21 Sometimes when you mix colors for the first time, they don’t look very good. If this happens, just refill them, add more color, if necessary, change sizeopacity and strength (intensity) your brush to get a decent mix. Save the layer as “Rose 5” (Rose 5).

Step 22 Open the “Petals 6” layer (Petals 6). Create new layer (Create a new layer) name it “Rose 6” (Rose 6). As you can see, the colors we use are the same. The brushes are the same too, but with a little changeable size (size)opacity (opacity) and strength (intensity).
Use 50% opacity and strength worked well for me.

Step 23 We have done a lot, the rose is almost ready. Next time we will color the big petals.

Step 24 Follow the directions given in the image. Open the “Petals 7” layer (Petals 7).
Paint over the new layer, name it “Rose 7” (Rose 7).

Step 25. Now you can see the progress made in the process of drawing a rose.

Step 26. Open the “Petals 8” layer (Petals 8). Paint over the layer, name the new layer “Rose 8” (Rose 8).

Step 27. Here is a beautiful image of a rose. If you can see some contours, you can make the layers with them invisible.
Also merge the layers with the name “Rose” together to create a single layer if you want. Name this layer “Digital Rose”.

Step 28. Create new layer (Create a new layer) fill it with black.
Call it “Background 2” (Background 2). Use different shades of green, red and a little blue. You can do this using a 300px soft brush and Opacity (opacity) 50%, scatter these colors around the background to get this effect.

Step 29. Follow the directions given to you to create leaves for the rose.

Step 30. Here are some more instructions to complete the work. Follow them carefully and you will be surprised and delighted with the result.

Step 31 We come to the end of this lesson. I am very grateful that you followed me through these steps to achieve something beautiful.
Feel free to add something else. Digital painting is beautiful in itself. It takes time and patience, but as a result you will be glad to know that you can do it.
Good luck on your journey through art!

Author: George55

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