Step 1. The first thing we need is a photo of a girl who would meet our idea of ​​a masquerade. When a hero (or heroine) is selected, the next step is to separate the figure from the background.

Step 2. We import mask images and red curtains into our document. On the curtain add light and shadow. For this purpose, the author used the tools Burn (Dimmer) and Dodge (Clarifier).
(Lesson – Proper lightening and darkening photos)

Step 3. In the photo with the girl we get rid of unnecessary fragments (we remove the straps from the dress, we make the dress itself monophonic). For this, the author used the tool Clone stamp (stamp)
(In this lesson you will learn how to remove unwanted objects from a photo).

To make the figure of a girl more volumetric, the author using the tool Dodge (Brightener) added light highlights to the skin.
(photo processing lesson to help add volume;
photo drawing lesson)

The author claims that for further work you will need a tablet for convenience.

So, armed with a tablet, make a sketch of a fancy dress and draw a base for the hair.

Step 4. We draw hair using a tablet (however, according to some masters on the site forum, you can do it all with a mouse).
(Lessons on drawing hair)
The author drew hair on several layers using a soft brush with different levels of opacity.
Hair begin to draw with dark shades, gradually moving to light.
Remember that the hair had a volume, you should use different shades in your work.
The author finished the hair ends with a tool. Blur (blur).

Step 5. Finished with hair, go to the mask. She needs to give volume, and therefore, add a shadow on each side. To give the depth of the mask edge, the author processed the tool. Blur (blur).

The dress we paint in red. Apply light makeup to the girl’s face.

Step 6. On the dress we draw folds and light and shade with Burn (dimmer) and Dodge (clarifier).
(Lesson will help you. Draw a realistic portrait)

Step 7. On the new layers, we add an ornament on the dress and the curtain.
Translator’s Note:
dress pattern Better to apply with a brush with an ornament. Rotating the brush and changing the size, apply a pattern on the dress (on a new layer) at the desired angle.
Shutter pattern: first on a new layer using a brush with a floral pattern, draw a pattern repeating in the direction of the fold. Next, apply an offset map to this layer, where the psd document with a curtain should act as a map (Lesson on the displacement map)

The layer with the ornament on the dress should have an opacity level of about 50-70%. The pattern, which is in the folds of the dress, should be darker, and the pattern, which is located on the convex surfaces – lighter.

Step 8. Let’s do the background.
Fill the layer in green.
Now let’s create a light effect: on the left side we will have light falling, and on the right side (behind the curtain) we will have a shadow. The author again used the tools for this purpose. Clarifier and Dimmer.
To make the image look harmonious, using the Blur tool (50%) we will blur the edges of the girl’s figure, dresses and curtains.

Step 9. Finally, add an ornament to the wall behind the girl. For this you can use the texture. The opacity level of the texture is better to lower (30-50%).
Using a tablet, we refine small parts, add shine to the stones on the mask.
Work is ready!

Author: Alena Lazareva

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