Spring Flowers

In this tutorial I will tell you how to draw a butterfly against the background of a flowering spring branch.
The main tool that we will use is a soft round brush. Virtually all effects will be achieved only by changing the opacity and brush size.
Let’s start!

Step 1. Create a new document size 1500x1640px, 100dpi resolution with white background.

Step 2. Before drawing we create a group Layer – New – Group (Layer – New – Group).

Step 3. Double click on the group name and rename it to “sketch”.

Step 4. Now in the group create a new layer. SHIFT + CTRL + N. Choosing a color # 0202ff. Activate Brush tool (Brush) (B) size 7px.
Hardness (Hardness) – 0%
Opacity (Opacity) – 89%,
Flow (Push) – 92%.
Keep in mind that throughout the lesson we will use different parameters of the brush.

Step 5. Let’s start drawing a butterfly.
1. We start with a simple small circle.
2. Draw the body.
3. Create a new layer for the wing, begin to draw the upper part of the wing.
4. Next, the lower part.
5. Duplicate (CTRL + J) layer with a wing.
6. Then the copy is reflected horizontally. Edit – Transform – Flip Horizontal (Editing – Transformation – Flip Horizontally), adjust the slope using Free transform (Free Transform) (CTRL + T).

Step 6. Draw a contour branches and flowers. Do not try to detail much, the outline should be as simple and clear as possible.

Step 7. Add details to the wing.

Step 8. We finished with a sketch.
1. Create a new layer above the sketch group.
2. Activate Paint bucket tool (Fill) (G) and fill the layer with white.
3. Reduce opacity (opacity) up to 50%.
4. Name the layer “white”.
(To rename a layer, double-click on its name with the left mouse button)

Step 9. Butterfly
1. Create a new group “butterfly”, then add a new layer to it.
2. Name the layer black.
3. Activate Brush tool (Brush) (B) size 3px.
4. Double-zoom the document (CTRL ++).
5. We start working on the contour of the butterfly.
This may take some time. Use Eraser tool (Eraser) (E) to erase the excess.

Step 10. Having worked the first wing, we duplicate it (CTRL + J) and reflect it horizontally.

Step 11. Fill the background layer with # 4b4773 using Paint bucket tool (Fill) (G).

Step 12.
1. Create a new layer.
2. Take soft brush 1300px in color with # e6e4f5.
3. Click once in the upper left corner.
4. Merge this layer with the background (CTRL + E).

Step 13. Again we create a new layer and change the brush color to # 100f27. Click in the lower right corner and merge layers (CTRL + E).

Step 14.
1. From the palette of brushes choose the one shown in the screenshot below.
The size is 300px.
2. With Eyedropper tool (Pipette) (I) take a sample of color from the background.

Step 15. On a new layer we start working with a brush. Then we reduce the opacity (opacity) of the layer to 90%.

Step 16. Merge this layer with the background (CTRL + E). Here is how your background should look after the manipulations.

Step 17. Now we are going to colorize the colors.
To begin, create a new group of “flowers” between the group of “butterfly” and “sketch”. After that we create a new layer in the group and call it “contour”. Begin to trace the outline of the colors (make sure that opacity (opacity) and flow (push) brushes set to 100%).
Create a new layer under the “contour” layer and call it “base”. Brush fill flowers with color # 954256.

Add shadows and light.
1. Create a new layer and apply to it. clipping mask (CTRL + ALT + G).
2. Choose a color a little darker than the base and start to draw the shadows with a soft brush of 5px size with an opacity of 80%.
(To mix colors, use a very low level of opacity, for example, 15%, and draw between dark and light areas).

Step 18. Create a new layer “center” and work on the center of the flower.

Step 19. We continue to work in the group of “flowers”.
1. Create a new layer “small flower”.
2. Activate the Brush Tool (Brush) (B), size – 10px, opacity (opacity) – 98%, flow (pressure) – 98%, color – # d7acc0.
Start painting small flowers using a dark shade for the shadows.

Step 20. Activate Blur tool (Blur) (R).
Size – 150%, strength (power) – 100% and blur small flowers.
(To create a glowing effect, reduce the opacity (opacity) to 20% and size to 15px, draw on the edge of the colors, then blur them)

Step 21 Create more colors.
1. Duplicate the group with flowers and in a duplicate merge all layers together.
2. Activate the Move Tool (V) and move the copy of the colors up.

Step 22 Adjust the size, position and tilt (CTRL + T).

Step 23 Blur new flowers with Blur tool (Blur) (R).

Step 24. Create more copies of the colors, then hide the “sketch” group (to do this, click on the eye near the group on the layers panel).

Step 25. Draw white flowers.
1. Create a new group of “white flowers”.
2. Start painting small flowers with a white brush with a size of 30px
Opacity (Opacity) – 58%
Flow (Push) – 63%

Step 26. Activate Blur tool (Blur) (R) size 150px, strength – 100%. Then we blur new flowers.

Step 27. Create multiple copies of flowers, adjust the location and size.

Step 28. We continue to work in the group of “white flowers”.
1. Start drawing branches and leaves.
(We start to paint branches with color # 60401b, opacity (opacity) of the brush 100%)
2. Add a new layer and create clipping mask (CTRL + ALT + G). Start drawing shadows on the branches.
To draw leaves, use the color # r899e5f.
3. Copy the pink flowers and change blending mode (overlay mode) on Screen (Lightening).

Step 29. Decorate butterfly wings.
Go to the “butterfly” group and create a new layer under the layer with a black outline.
Begin to fill the wings with color # f26522.

Step 30. Add light colors on the wings.
Soft brush size 10px, opacity (opacity) – 60%, color – # f2852d.

Step 31
1. Create a new layer.
2. Take a 1px black brush, opacity (opacity) – 45%, flow (pressure) – 35%.
(draw thin lines to create the texture of the wings)

Step 32 Using a brush with the same parameters, we create a tree texture on the branches.

Step 33 Add the final touches.
Let’s go back to the butterfly group.
1. Activate the layer with the black contour of the butterfly.
2. Add a new layer, then create clipping mask (CTRL + ALT + G).
3. Soft brush size 3px draw small white spots on the wings.

Step 34 We draw white lines on the body of the butterfly, then we smear them with the help of Smudge tool (Finger) (R).

Step 35 In the “butterfly” group we create a new layer and place it above all previous ones. Change blending mode (blend mode) colors on Color (Chromaticity).
Soft brush add different colors on the wings.

Step 36 Create a new layer and call it “points”. Fill it with black.

Step 37. Change blending mode (overlay mode) on Color dodge (Lightening the basics).
A soft white brush with a size of 3px, opacity (opacity) – 100%, flow (pressure) – 100%. We start to randomly put dots.

Step 38 Change the color to yellow # ffff00 and add more points.

Step 39. Create a new layer above all previous ones.
Big soft brush with opacity 50% fill the entire layer with yellow # f7f733.

Step 40. Change blending mode (overlay mode) on Color (Chromaticity), reduce the opacity (opacity) to 26%.

Step 41 Create a new layer and fill it with a large brush with the color # f3c58a.

Step 42 Change blending mode (overlay mode) on Overlay (Overlap), reduce the opacity to 65%.

Step 43 That’s all!
Here is the final result.

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