We draw a Christmas tree in Photoshop

What a New Year without a beautiful Christmas tree! In this tutorial, we will draw a Christmas tree, all you need is a little patience, a good command of the mouse or a tablet and small drawing skills.

Step 1. Create a new document. We make a small sketch of our tree on a new layer

Step 2. Now adjust the brush, open the Brushes panel, select the brush A piece of chalk” (chalk) settings below. Use olive color. What you need to remember – as soon as you change the color – create a new layer

Step 3. Mark the shape of the tree, the author did not use fancy patterns, only clear strokes, as long as it looks more like a porcupine, but we will fix it

Step 4. It is good to always have an image with real shades on hand to use as a color palette for our Christmas tree.

Step 5. Now we have everything ready, let’s get started. Draw needles for our branches, do not forget to create a new layer. Start with the dark, then slowly go to the light

Step 6. Below the layers with branches and needles create a new layer and draw a trunk and large branches, change a little brush settings, start to add structure to the tree. The brush is the same, but slightly increase the size and dispersion on both axes. Remember to put each color on its own layer.

Step 7. Use the same brush scattered on both axes, and just scribble, choosing colors from time to time. Three colors are mainly used.

Step 8. Now use the brush Spray»(14 Spatter) and smear. This was done to add a few more shades of green and fill in the gaps

Step 9. Now duplicate the layer with the smeared Christmas tree and flip horizontally Editing \ Transforming \ Flip Horizontal (Edit \ Transform \ Flip Horizontal), change the blending mode for the layer to Multiplication (Multiply), now it seems more branches and less empty places, but there is no randomness, like a real tree.

Step 10. Now we need to work on the effect of the mirror, walk along the branches with a brush, create randomness. Keep adding shades of green, brush A piece of chalk” (chalk) helps create scattered strokes

Step 11. Everything, with a Christmas tree finished, we will decorate, draw a tinsel. Choose a soft round brush, create a new layer, name it “tinsel”, draw a tinsel, change the blending mode for the layer to Dissolution (Dissolve). Now create another layer above the “tinsel” layer, and merge with the “tinsel” layer.. Now you will know why all this.

Step 12. Now follow the menu Filter \ Distortion \ Wave (Filter \ Distort \ Wave), the default settings. Next, apply a layer style. External glow\outer glow, the default settings, just set the color of the glow from light yellow to white

Step 13. Add some lights – this is a soft round brush. Create three layers for the lights and apply a layer style for each. External glow\outer glow, the settings are different. For a layer with white lights – set the blending mode Bright light (Vivid light), for the blue layer Hard light (hard light) and for red – Darkening basics (Color burn). To create a background, apply a gradient and in the menu Filter \ Noise \ Add noise (Gaussian, monochromatic). Also around the tree, create a halo glow tool “Clarifier (Dodge tool), big round soft brush.

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