We draw the fireman in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw a fireman who hurries someone to help.

Final image:

Step 1

Let’s start by creating a new document. (File – New / File> New):

Step 2

A new document needs to be created in high resolution – I always choose 300 pixels, especially if I am going to print the work later. Next, set the width to 9 inches, and the height to 11 inches. If you want to reduce the size of the document, it can be trimmed with the tool. Cropping (Crop Tool) (C).

Step 3

Now you need to fill the created document in gray. In the color palette, select a light gray color and tool Fill (B) click on the document:

Step 4

We proceed to create a sketch. To begin with, I studied in detail photos with images of firefighters in order to make my illustration believable. Drawing a sketch, I will focus on these photos with firefighters.

Sketch I will paint on a new layer (Shift + Ctrl + N). To create a sketch, I selected a hard-edged brush from the palette. Brushes (F5). At this stage, I draw the silhouette of a firefighter, respecting the proportions of the figure. I paint with a low transparency brush, approximately 20%. Do not draw the details yet.

Step 5

After the sketch is ready, create a new layer. (Shift + Ctrl + N) and start drawing details. I try to ensure that all the lines are clear and precise, so I don’t regret the time for their work.

After that, lower the opacity of the sketch layer to 50% and continue drawing a sketch on the new layer. (Shift + Ctrl + N). Set the brush stiffness to 100% and trace in detail the facial features and costume. When all lines of parts are drawn finally, delete the layer with the original sketch. The last finalized layer with contours is “Sketch”.

Step 6

After the sketch is complete and the details are well developed, it’s time to think about the colors of the future illustration. Choose this brownish tint and tool Fill (B) fill them with a background layer.

Step 7

I want to add bright and warm tones to the lower part of the background layer. You need to create the feeling that the fireman runs out of fire. In the upper part of the image will be cold tones.

Step 8

For further work, create two new layers. (Shift + Ctrl + N) – one for the face with the name “Skin”, and the other for the clothing “Costume”. Open the palette Colors (Color) (Window – Color) (Window> Color) and sliders HSB. If this mode is not enabled, click on the little black arrow in the palette and turn it on. Using mode HSB, Pick a color for skin and for clothes.

For the helmet, I chose a rich red color. Also, some of its parts will be painted in shades of dark yellow. The skin will be colored in a pink-orange tone.

Also, you need to draw shadows and highlights. For this, I will choose the light coming from the upper left corner for greater realism and the shadow on the helmet from the light source. Also, you need to darken the eyes of a fireman, using a darker skin tone. This dark skin tone will be the shadow falling from the helmet.

Step 9

Now we need to draw the main light areas depending on the light source: I will add a light reflection on the helmet, face and clothes. Also, I decided to make the background more dynamic and draw fire after the fireman. To do this, select a bright orange color and paint with a brush and draw a flame of fire.

Step 10

The center of the entire image will be the face and the helmet, so they need to pay special attention. To do this, add light shades using the HSB palette slider to select them. Colour (Color). We need to add a few more shades – variations from the already used colors. All blackout that needs to be drawn, make a hard brush.

Step 11

After the face is finally drawn, go to work on clothes. On the suit you need to draw a striped pattern – draw it on a new layer (Shift + Ctrl + N) and name it Stripes. To draw stripes on a suit, choose bright yellow and neutral gray.

Also add a new layer to draw the ax. (Shift + Ctrl + N). I drawing an ax chose the same red hue that I used when drawing the helmet.

Step 12

In order for the background to be interesting and dynamic, I use the Clouds brush to draw clouds of smoke behind the fireman. When drawing smoke, use light and dark shades of gray and paint on separate layers.

Tool Crop (Crop Tool ) I expanded the document with the image for several reasons: in this part I want to place the text, and also to have more space above the character above.

Step 13

Continue to work on the character and background – more detailed draw the helmet. Also draw a slight scuff on the helmet. At the top of the background, add cool hues, so where clouds of smoke are drawn to create a contrast between them and the bottom of the background with fire. Also, I draw an ax.

Step 14

Tool Text (Type Tool) write the word “Firefighter” on the tablet that is on the helmet:

Draw more fire at the bottom of the background. Paint the edges of the clothes with a small brush. Also, paint the gloves.

Step 15

Duplicate the text layer. “Firefighter” (Ctrl + J) and using the Warp command (Warp Tool) (Ctrl + T) distort the text in the form of a helmet:

Step 16

Put on the background the texture of the clouds, which can be taken from cgtextures.com and change the blend mode with it to Soft light (Soft Light). On the top of the background you also need to add even more lighting. To do this, apply the command Levels (Image – Adjustment – Levels) (Image> Adjustments> Levels) and lighten up each layer.

Work on the helmet, drawing the texture with a small brush. Also add some light spots to the helmet. Also, around the helmet, draw a yellow stripe. So, as the fireman runs out of the fire, use a small brush to draw the outline on the clothes on the right side in yellow.

Step 17

Now draw the glass on the mask. Draw on new layer (Shift + Ctrl + N) Face on the edges with white and reduce the opacity of this layer. Next, you need to draw a reflection on the mask with oxygen. Do this with a hard-edged brush.

Step 18

Add more smoke to create a dramatic effect and paint the scuffs on clothes. Also, add dark shades with a soft brush – paint them on a separate layer. Lightly erase the inscription on the helmet with a soft-eraser to make the image more realistic. Also, on the plate on the helmet, I added another inscription “New York”.

Combining a soft and hard brush with white paint the edges of the ax to make it more expressive.

Step 19

Looking through the photos of firefighters, I decided to add a few more details: paint the valves on the oxygen mask, and paint rust marks on the helmet using a small brush.

Final image:

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